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Turning is a process that uses single-point cutting tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece. This is done with a programmable lathe that moves the cutting tool toward the piece as it spins at high speeds. As the piece spins, the tool shaves layers off, producing cylindrical and cone-shaped parts.

Horizontal lathes, as the name suggests, hold parts horizontally; vertical lathes hold them vertically. Turning centers can be either horizontal or vertical and combine their respective capabilities with a CNC mill (see below).

CNC Turning - Precise Machine Company


CNC milling centers use multi-point cutting tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece. These machines are often used for creating shallow, flat surfaces, flat-bottomed holes, slots, and threads. To make these cuts, the multi-point cutting tool rotates at high speeds, shearing off layers of material from the stock piece until the desired shape or depth is reached. The stock piece being machined either remains stationary during the process or is programmed to move towards the cutting tool as it rotates.

Milling - CNC Machining

Two-axis mills cut along the X and Y axes. Three-axis mills are capable of cut along the Z-axis as well. Four and Five-axis mills rotate parts, allowing the cutting tool to make cuts at various angles.

Precise Machine Company has an assortment of CNC mills and lathes that allows us to machine parts for any industry. Additionally, we offer jig boring services so we are able to fully machine your parts from beginning to end. Learn more about all our services and contact us today to get a quote on your application.