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Precision CNC Machining Services

Precise Machine Company specializes in machine-to-print, high-tolerance custom CNC machined parts. We mill, turn, and jig bore aluminum, titanium, steel, and many other metals and alloys within 0.0002” of component specifications. We also design and build custom tooling and fixturing for different bar stocks, billets, and castings to ensure proper handling of your part.

We accept jobs that are mid-processed or require a complete production from beginning to end. For more information, contact us with your questions and quote requests.

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Benefits of Our Services

Our shop features CNC machines from industry-leading brands, including Doosan, Haas, and Fryer. We also use top-of-the line accessories, such as Northfield air chucks to protect sensitive, thin-walled parts and components during the machining process.

Our equipment is operated by a skilled and knowledgeable team with over 150 years of combined experience in CNC milling, turning, and jig boring. You can trust that Precise Machine Company will deliver high-quality machined components that meet or exceed your needs, while remaining competitive on price and delivering your parts on time.

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Our capable staff and collection of CNC machines can accurately mill, turn, and jig bore parts and components made of most metals and super alloys, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium, and Inconel.

What Is CNC Machining?

Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses computerized, programmable machines to produce OEM and custom-designed parts. Operators program these high-precision machines to remove material from pieces of metals through drilling, boring, turning, and milling. The parts are machined according to design specifications that often have extremely high tolerances – some as small as +/- .0002 inches (0.005mm) -- about a third of the width of a human hair!

CNC machines can be equipped with a variety of tooling. When programmed, the machine’s computer controls the tooling, instructing it where and when to move, removing material from the piece as it goes. Some machines can be programmed to change tooling in the middle of a job, making for an extremely efficient process.

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Contact us today for more information about our CNC machining services and to request a quote. You can send us a message or call us directly at 847-647-7117 (select option 2). We are available Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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